recommendation rec‧om‧men‧da‧tion [ˌrekəmenˈdeɪʆn] noun [countable, uncountable]
1. official advice given to someone about what to do:

• His office will review the proposal and make a recommendation to the commission.

• The plant was closed on the recommendation of regulators.

2. a suggestion that someone should choose a particular thing or person because they are very good or suitable:

• He was offered the job on Johnson's recommendation.

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recommendation UK US /ˌrekəmenˈdeɪʃən/ noun
[C or U] advice about what is the best thing to have or do: »

We accept the key recommendations of the report.


The committee will investigate the matter and make a recommendation to the Board.


We're pulling out on the recommendation of our accountants.

[C] the person or thing that has been suggested as the best choice: »

He was a controversial recommendation for the post.


These are my recommendations for the shortlist.

See also LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION(Cf. ↑letter of recommendation)

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